The development trend of man-machine interface

The development status of China's human-machine interface market 

China is the market with the largest demand for human-machine interface in the world, but it is not the market with the highest sales of human-machine interface products in the world. This shows that low-end human-machine interface users have a large share in China. In recent years, the rapid development of national brands, adopting strategies such as low prices, are aggressively attacking the low-end market, and they have occupied a dominant position in the low-end market in China and won the recognition of the majority of users. International brands are also gradually developing their economical products to seize market share in the low-end market. Therefore, due to the steady growth in the low-end market, the overall performance of domestic human-machine interface manufacturers has shown rapid growth.

The man-machine interface is no longer a mere display and control

In the domestic automation industry, some industries that did not use man-machine interface have also begun to use man-machine interface. This shows that man-machine interface has become an indispensable part of customer experience, and the user interface of man-machine interface can better reflect equipment And the state of the process, and through the effects of vision and touch, bring customers a more intuitive experience.

The future development trend of man-machine interface

Some machinery industries, such as machine tool, textile machinery, electronic equipment and other industries, have been developed in China for decades. They are relatively mature industries. In the long run, these industries still have equipment upgrades. demand. In the process of upgrading and upgrading, some small manufacturers that have been using relatively low-end products will indeed be eliminated, but there are also many companies that reposition their needs during the equipment update process to find those that can meet their development plans. , Equipment suppliers that help them improve their productivity.

In view of this demand, the future changes in the human-machine interface will change in shape, concept, application occasions, etc., which will bring about changes in the core technology of industrial computers. Generally speaking, the future development trend of man-machine interface is six modernizations: platform embedding, brand nationalization, equipment intelligence, interface fashion, communication network and energy saving and environmental protection.

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